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Select Portfolio 04

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Jim the Photographer, Manchester CT  e-mail:  ctpicman@aol.com Select Portfolio 4:  Brianne Welcome to the fourth page of my select portfolio!  To best view the images, right click them and open in a new tab or page. This is Brianne at … Continue reading

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I Drank The Kool-Aid

When you’ve been around photography for even a short time, you hear of every gadget that will take your photography to the next level.  They promise to give your photographs that extra bit of “umph”.  I recently saw a video … Continue reading

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White Balance–It’s Important

You may have read about white balance; you may have heard about white balance; you may even wonder why white balance is important.  This little entry will not get into the intricacies of white balance; other people have done it … Continue reading

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Shooting the Moon

Have you ever looked at the photo of the moon, taken from planet Earth, and wondered how the photographer was able to capture the photo with craters and all?  (Click on the photo to see the full-sized photo) Here is … Continue reading

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White Balance

Why do my photos have a funny tint to them?  Sometimes they seem bluish, sometimes they seem reddish, sometimes greenish, sometimes they just don’t seem right! Different light sources have different colors, the colors are measured on the Kelvin Scale–and, … Continue reading

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Perfect Exposure (almost) Everytime

Are your photos overexposed (too dark) or underexposed (too light)?  There are a number of remedies for the situation: The Sunny 16 rule.  On sunny days set your camera speed for 125 and the f/stop for f/16.  Make adjustments based … Continue reading

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Get Rid of that Chin!

When you step in front of the camera for a photograph, it’s almost second nature to kind of hunch up and put your chin down–turning a regular chin into a double chin, a double chin into a quatra-chin (you get … Continue reading

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