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Is the Time of Day Important?

  Over the years a lot of ink has been spilled over the issue of light in photography.  The “golden hour” is the holy grail of photographic light.  The “golden hour(s)” are those times right after sunrise and just before … Continue reading

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The Sunny 16 Rule

I read a number of photography forums and I regularly read questions to the effect, “I’ve decided to shoot in manual mode.  What do I do now?” Shooting in manual mode is good because it gives you the greatest possible … Continue reading

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Perfect Exposure (almost) Everytime

Are your photos overexposed (too dark) or underexposed (too light)?  There are a number of remedies for the situation: The Sunny 16 rule.  On sunny days set your camera speed for 125 and the f/stop for f/16.  Make adjustments based … Continue reading

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