Too Short to Be a Model? Never!

05-18-13_105aNot long ago, while in the gym, I gave my business card to a very beautiful, very fit lady.  She was about five foot, eight inches tall.  She had a nice figure; she was not rail thin.  Without being gross, I will say that she looked like a real woman!  I explained that I was a local photographer and I would be more than happy to do a free photo shoot with her; I would get to expand my portfolio; she could start a portfolio or just use the photos any way she wanted.  She thanked me for my compliment but refused my offer for the photo shoot.  “I am too short to be a model,” was the reason.

She knew the “ideal” stats for a model; you had to be at least six feet tall and look like you never had a cheeseburger in your life.  She could never break into the modeling world.  I told her that she was right that she would never been a high fashion model nor would she do runway work.  But, I told her, there are other types of modeling and she would be an excellent candidate for fitness modeling.  I told her of a friend, who looked remarkably similar to her, who started a fitness and nutrition blog.  She wrote about using the various weight machines at her gym; she bought some personal fitness equipment and began blogging about its positive effects on her; the equipment manufacturer learned of her blog (they monitor things like that!) and became one of her sponsors.  She shared her blog on Facebook and had many “friends”.  After a while, the local television and radio stations asked her on when they did fitness segments; she was even invited on one of the network morning programs as a fitness consultant.

What’s the point?  My friend knew she would never make it as a fashion model, but she is earning a good living (and gaining notoriety) as a fitness model/expert!  She was too short to be a model, but that didn’t stop her!  Nor does it need to stop you!  Do you have a passion (or even just an interest!)?  How can you turn that into a modeling opportunity?   If you think about it and develop a strategy to maximize your potential, you can be a successful model. And even if it doesn’t “work” you can have a ton of fun doing something you enjoy doing!

Will you make the cover of “Elle”?  No (but how many high fashion models do?). But you can be a model, and a successful one at that.

Too short to be a model?  Never!

Jim the Photographer
Manchester CT


About Jim The Photographer

I am a photographer from Manchester, Connecticut. My photographic interests are many and varied.
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