Low Cost B&W Prints?

Do you want low cost black and white prints?  How about 11x14s for $1.00 each?  Unbelievable?  Yes! but no!

Staples offers blue print services.  You can go to them with your black and white photographs, cropped to the size you want them, and order the prints you want.  They are not printed on photographic paper but the paper is substantial.  I ordered the “blue” prints a year ago, mounted and framed them, hung them on the wall where they are in the light, and there has been no degradation in the print.  Will they degrade over time?  I honestly don’t know.  But I recently had an 11X14 done and it cost me $1.00.

If I were going to sell the prints of my photos, I would absolutely check into the archival quality of the paper to see if it would stand the test of time, but until I start selling them, I’ll use Staples blue printing services for my low cost black and white photo printing needs.

Jim the Photographer
Manchester CT
e-mail:  ctpicman@aol.com


About Jim The Photographer

I am a photographer from Manchester, Connecticut. My photographic interests are many and varied.
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