White Balance

These photographs were taken under identical circumstances.  The shutter speed was was 1/125, the aperture f/5.6, ISO setting 100.  The only difference was the “white balance” setting.  I’m not going to get into the ins and outs of white balance, like how it is measured and things like that.  But white balance is an important setting because it will give you a photo that will closely approximate what you truly saw when you made the shot.  Also, by changing the white balance, you can make interesting changes to your photos.  To put it simply, different types of light (incandecent, flurescent, sunlight, shade, cloudiness) have different qualities (color temperature); they are warm or cool; they have a different color balance.  The human eye is a superb machine (made and designed by a great Creator); it can automatically compensate for changes in white balance.  Your camera cannot!

White Balance #1–I intentionally used the direct sunlight white balance setting in this photograph.  It gives a bluish (and darkening) tint to the photo and perhaps a primeval atmosphere to it.

White Balance #2–The white balance in this photo was set to “shade.”  The sun was shining brightly, but this photo was taken in the shade of the woods.  It is a true rendering of what I saw when I took the photo.

Setting the white balance is important in taking great photos; knowing how and when to use it can bring your photography to a whole new level.  Experiment with your white balance, use the “wrong” setting in order to see the results.  You maybe pleased with the “wrong” results.  But you will never know unless you start using your white balance settings.


About Jim The Photographer

I am a photographer from Manchester, Connecticut. My photographic interests are many and varied.
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