Shooting the Moon

Have you ever looked at the photo of the moon, taken from planet Earth, and wondered how the photographer was able to capture the photo with craters and all?  (Click on the photo to see the full-sized photo)

Here is how I did it!

My equipment:    Nikon D40 DSLR    Tamron AF 70-300 mm telephoto lens (set at 300mm) with vibration reduction

I use my Nikon D40 for all of my telephoto work because its sensor, for reasons that are far beyond my non-geeky way of thinking, renders my 300mm telephoto lens as the equivalent of a 450mm lens.

As I came home one night, I noticed that the sky was clear and there was a nice 3/4 moon.  I went inside and got my camera, came back outside and took my shots.  As you can see, there was not much detail in the initial photograph.

Using the free photo manipulation program, Picasa, I cropped the photo.  Now you can see the craters on the moon.  Taking the process even further I automatically tuned the photo.

Wanting to see what would happen if I further manipulated the photo, I added shadow to it and came up with the final result.

By doing some simple post-production work, you too can shoot the moon and people will then pay to ultimate compliment, “You must own a really expensive camera.”

Jim the Photographer, Manchester CT,


About Jim The Photographer

I am a photographer from Manchester, Connecticut. My photographic interests are many and varied.
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