Perfect Exposure (almost) Everytime

Are your photos overexposed (too dark) or underexposed (too light)?  There are a number of remedies for the situation:

  • The Sunny 16 rule.  On sunny days set your camera speed for 125 and the f/stop for f/16.  Make adjustments based on cloud cover, etc.
  • If all else fails, put your camera on shutter priority mode, photograph the blue sky (no clouds), check your settings.  It should give you a decent approximation as to what your camera settings should be as you enter them into your camera in manual mode.
  • Buy an 18% gray card.  Your camera sensor is adjusted for 18% gray.  Take a photo of the gray card, in the lighting you’ll be shooting in, then note the camera settings, enter them into you camera in manual mode.

Remember to compensate with either the aperture or shutter speed adjustments if you should change either.  If you go from shutter speed of 125 to 250 (a full stop) remember to open up your aperture setting on full light stop (f/11).


About Jim The Photographer

I am a photographer from Manchester, Connecticut. My photographic interests are many and varied.
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